Canon 1DX MK2 meets Hamaiya Ali.

About 2 months we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.  She weighed in a little on the light side, about 4.5 pounds, so yea, tiny. As a result we had to make sure she was able to maintain her own body heat and temperature. Having the weather that we recently had helped as it wasn’t too cold or too hot. But I just wanted to make sure before we took her to the studio for her first shoot. The idea of the shoot was to get a few images, I didn’t want to play around too much as she is moving more now than before, but it worked out for me. I managed to put my new Canon 1DX mk2 to the test too. I had this camera for over a month in the box and had no time to use it on a portrait shoot, so this was a great chance to try the faster, better focusing system. Babies at this age move faster and as I was shooting at f/1.2, focus had to be fast and on point. Using the camera was easy and as same as the 1DX, but the new improvements are significantly better and obvious. I don’t think there was a shot where focus wasn’t on.

For props we used an apple crate and some hessian, with pillows underneath for softness. the basket idea didn’t work as originally thought as she has grown big for it. The test shot I took was with my son, and boy does he know how to pose! He was playing in the crate and about to get out as I asked him to look up at me, ( I was shooting from above) I took the shot at 1.2 and boom! I was done!

For lighting I was using one Godox AD600 on 64th power. Camera settings were f/1.2, 1/500 and ISO 100. The flash was inside the 120cm Octabox by Godox with no grid. You can view a behind the scenes video below, which was shot by Render Studios and Vlogged by JCVlogs. The editing was done by myself as I wanted to create some thing different. In the video you will see a camera overly, this is of the actual Canon 1DX2. I wanted this to be as accurate as possible, so I created this from scratch, will all the view points and the green text. This makes it more unique and original. You can’t purchase one for this camera yet and the generic ones are so boring! I even have the actual shutter sound of the camera recorded in. It took me about 3 hours to get right, and its only used for less then 10 seconds! I hope you enjoy the video guys!

f/ 1.2



Shutter Speed



1dx20132 1dx20187

We took a few hours on this shoot as I usually don’t like to rush shoots. Feedback has been great and we have secured a few bookings too. If you have any comments then please make sure to leave them below, and if you or anyone you know who has children want a fun yet different kids session then please contact us using the form below.

In the meantime, enjoy the behind the scenes video.

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