Testing the Huawei P30 Camera in a real photoshoot.

This one is special, so special I shot it all in 4K. In this video, I briefly talk about the troubles or lack of for Huawei. In all honesty, a massive company like Huawei will come back stronger. They will dominate the market with their products and we already know they the leaders in mobile phone photography, check my Instagram if you need convincing,

I decided to take my good friend and Instagram Influencer Adnan to Blue Waters Island in Dubai. We started to shoot just before sunset and took our time. For some images the focus was spot on, I mean how can it go wrong! I was more keen to try the portrait feature where you can blur the background and make the image look a little more DSLR like. This was no easy task on the mobile as it searches near the object and sometimes misses , and you get a strange effect as a result. You know the same old kind when iPhone introduced it. Eventually the shoot got better and i was usually all the camera features and likes the wide angle. The only issue with the wide angle is the colour balance changes to a strange green. You get this colour cast, and although it shoots RAW, it still makes it slightly challenging to remove. On some images I didn’t mind it.

I did all my edits on Lightroom Mobile. I mainly edit all my mobile images on there. Its a great app, which comes free if you on a paying subscription. So not free really, nothing like a free lunch I guess.