Blood Super Moon

It was cold, it was wet, but boy was it rewarding. The night was calm. No wind or rain. It wasn’t cold either. And to our surprise there weren’t many photographers about, even at its peak. A few of us went, my very good friends Craig Wilkinson and Richard Farndale. I knew what i wanted for the final image, and i knew it was going to be a pain to put together, and i knew it was going to be a pain to stand there all night shooting!

The shots.

I set the Canon 1DX up with the 16-35mm II f/2.8 at approx 25mm. The first few shots were a little mental, no idea what was going on, then adjusted the settings and exposed for the moon. Then took an image for the foreground and finally the red moon. The remote was set to trigger each shot at 5 minutes apart. I was set to wipe the condensation of the lens 4 minutes apart! We got there in the end and the image has received some amazing feedback and a great response. I am very pleased with the results. I hope you enjoy the video. ( i know, i need to be a little more professional!)


Feedback ? Questions?

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