A Quick Dodge and Burn.

Dodge and burn are great tools to help enhance your image. To dodge and burn means to lighten and darken your image. Dodge = lighten, Burn = darken. These are known darkroom techniques, before the digital days and Photoshop.

I frequently use dodge and burn to create more depth and tone in the image. It’s a great tool to help those cloudy dull landscapes where there is little or so sun to create shadows. There are many ways to use dodge and burn. I use 2 different methods depending on how much is needed on the image. I mainly use a non non-destructive method. It involves doing the dodge and burn on a new layer. On this image, I used a simpler method. I used the dodge and burn on the actual final layer.

I also used Knoll Light Factory in the final image for the soft yellow tone on the left of the image, this is where the sun set.

The final image can be seen here.





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  1. Alex Goodman
    Alex Goodman says:

    Excellent work mate! Thanks for the quick tips.. never tried this technique but you make it look so easy and so will give it a try

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