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I’ve had this bag for a few months now and been out doing some hiking and climbing. Lets see if it lived up to its expectations. Read on…

So, I am keen collector of camera bags. I love them. The right camera bag makes your photography experience more enjoyable. Less need to worry about the weight of the bag, the way you carry it, or the way it feels on your back.

As a keen walker and hiker, this bag ticks all the right the boxes for me. I don’t want to stress about the gear in the bag or how uncomfortable it is. This bag provides me with the peace of mind that I need, so I can continue to trek until the cows come home, without worrying about anything.

Before this bag I used another named brand for my hiking. It was indeed a great bag, but just didn’t feel right. I had to constantly adjust the bag and the gear inside for it to feel comfortable. The tripod would not stay put, and being placed in the centre of the bag it used to move around and hit the back of my head. Not so good when your climbing 900 meters or so.

I did my research about this bag. I knew that the guys at F Stop did their part too, and they do it better than I can! Half the work was already done, just the part of convincing myself to part myself with the cash to buy this bag.  I wanted to try the bag, feel it and see it in the flesh before I spent the cash. I found out that Paramo were selling these bags and were going to be at the Photography Show, which I attend every year. This seemed the perfect chance to see the bag and may grab a deal on it. I wondered to their store first, decided I wanted it and walked away to enjoy the rest of the show. It this time I was skeptical about it. What if it ripped, what if I don’t like it, what if this, that, the other…

Before we headed in to Birmingham to shoot the Bull Ring, I purchased the bag. And indeed I got a great deal. It was priced approx. £50 cheaper with any ICU. I bought the large one as its cheaper to buy a smaller one later if need be, which I did.

Ok, what do I like about the bag. Well, almost everything to be honest.

The bag as a whole is well made. It has all the necessary, if not more, needed straps to hold a range of things. I strap my tripod nicely to the side pocket. It can hold larger items, the pockets are of a good size. The back of padded enough and allows ventilation, so your back does not feel sweaty or  sticky after walking for an hour or so. The waist strap is a must for me, I like the bag close fitted when I’m climbing. It helps heel all the weight even and easy to control.

The not so good points. There aren’t many, but this is just my opinion.

The ICU compartment come in a range of sizes to fit and suit all needs. But mine. I use the large ICU and the camera I use, The Canon 1DX, still stands a little higher than the ICU. Now this isn’t a big issue as such, but it would have been nice for an ICU to suit pro cameras in my opinion. The ICU sizes are a little, strange. You have the large, small and then the medium slope. I mean that’s all good, but wheres the medium? And why the slope? Maybe I just understand the concept properly, but I needed a medium as that would hold just the right amount of gear I need. Only issue no is that I have large filters which have to stay and the bottom part which is deep as the regular. Id prefer to keep them away from there as the camera sits there.

The ICU’s have a small Velcro tab to attach the ICU to the bag, this is a great idea, if you get your fingers in! The tab is facing inside out sorta speak, and its kinda tricky to attach it. But once its done, its great.

So overall I love this bag to say the least. I was looking at getting the smaller Guru, but not something I need at the minute. The overall range is great, you don’t need to look around for another camera bag again.

Get over to F Stop where you view their range of bags and other camera bits.

*The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the manufacturer, images are copyright © Photography By Imran

© Photography By Imran

© Photography By Imran

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