Well that escalated quickly!

Free Zoom Mentoring, Session 2

31st December 2020, 6-8pm

Hello from me, let’s have a chat.

I have been thinking long and hard and have decided to put a mentoring package together. These will be free and covered over Zoom or something with a class size limit of 10. So the idea is I will be teaching what I know over a period of time. Some classes will be longer, over a month in 1 day a week or more. Let’s be honest, you cant be Ansel Adams overnight! Other classes will be just the one lesson.
I will be kicking off with a Beginners Class and getting right into the details of how, when, why and what.

Why am I doing this?

Well, this year has been mad for many including myself, and I want to end the year on something positive and try my best to help others too. We can’t really get out to shoot and meet friends so this way we get to interact in some way. Something to look forward to, for me at least. It’s a great way to keep your mental health healthy. We all suffer from it and being stuck indoors doesn’t always help. Again keeping busy is the key and knowing you will come out a better creator in a few months should be a great reason.

So why learn from me?

I am local, I have always done free and paid workshops, I am familiar to many in the group and I think I can take a picture or 2. But mainly because its feels good to give back.
We might not be there yet, but we are closer than yesterday!
We will be focusing the first class on this video, please have a watch, its a good one, I promise!

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