Isle Of Skye

It’s called the photographers paradise. You can only truly appreciate this when you go and witness the sheer beauty for yourself. I recently revised the Isle of Skye with a good friend Craig Wilkinson. It was his first time this far, although he has also traveled far and out for photography. We took his motorhome, as this was the best solution for our travels. It meant we could camp over where we wanted and not have to travel back and forth to a hotel somewhere. The motorhome is well equipped with full charging facilities and double beds, along a gas kitchen and shower and toilet. Why would you need a hotel?

On our travels we met a young man from Sheffield. Pawel Nazaruk is a great photographer and got some great images. We met him twice on the Island as he was travelling from one place to another. On our third day we met another young man who is a professional photographer from Spain. Jordi was on his travels in the UK in his custom made Sprinter, and his two Catalan Shepherds, Audi and Set. We decided to travel and venture out together and went on photo walks together. In the evening we would chat and enjoy each other’s stories. It was sad to part with such a great man. We will hopefully meet again when he drives on his way to Dover to get the ferry back. For now, all the best Jordi!

My new Isle of Skye calender can be ordered here!

Images form our trip can be seen here.

1/8000th - f/1.2 - ISO 100
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