Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam Mosque, Bradford.

My good friend Imran Khan was commissioned to take images of a few mosques around Bradford. On this occasion I went along with him to get this, as we were near by. The sunset was amazing, just right. He was waiting for the right moment for this shot. And he finally got it. I saw the images he was getting on back of the camera and knew he has something amazing. Imran took a few exposure for the final image. Each one at a different exposure. One for the windows, one for the building and one for the sky. Images and camera settings are below.  I edited these in Photoshop using luminosity masks. And yes, the flare was added for the finishing touch. This is part of a personal project I will be starting very soon. It is quite close to my heart. I hope you enjoy this image as i do, and welcome any feedback and comments!

Photo credit : Imran Khan

1/8th - f/7.1 - 100
1/25th - f/7.1 - 100
1/50th - f/7.1 - 100

© Imran Khan

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