London. Revisited.

Traveling to London always seems to make me happy. But on this occasion it wasn’t the same. It felt better. I had great company, my good friend Usman. we had a laugh all the way. The weather wasn’t doing what we wanted. I’m not even sure that we did a weather check! There was this rain going on, the horrible ‘are you even raining or just trying’ type. Now normally i wouldn’t mind, but when I’m trying to get the perfect still image with my Firecrest 16stop filter the rain was just annoying. It wasn’t even cold. We stayed at the same vantage point for approx an hour or so, stood under a tree to avoid the spitting getting on my filter. I waited, and waited, then a moment came and i took the shot. I tried again but no, it wasn’t meant to be. I lost. I got this one shot, which I am happy with. But it shows that no matter what, if you just wait, you never know what might happen and what you may get. Happy shooting guys!!

316 seconds






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