The real Firecrest test.

Since Formatt Hitech have released their Firecrest version of filters I have nothing but excited. Its the new go to filter each time I’m out doing landscapes. I have probably fallen in love with the 16 stop Firecrest time and time again. Yes i always shout about it, but isn’t that what you do when you find true love? The Firecrest have brought a new dimension to my photography. They have changed the way i think and compose, and help me develop my ways as a photographer. Yes the 10Stop is great, but the silk smooth water the 16 gives you is oh just so good…. I’m not going to say more, but rather you see and judge for yourself. I’m sure you’ll agree, its Firecrest all the way. Click here to see the other images.

403 seconds






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  1. Halima Hussain
    Halima Hussain says:

    Love how you made the photo look more dramatic with the defined colours.. I will be trying the firecrest filters and hope I get good results like you have

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