Copyright 2015 Photography By Imran

The  300 year old Sleeping Waterfall awakens.

Me and a great friend James Smallwood went to Malham Cove to see what all the fuss was about with the waterfall. I remember there being a small stream below that you could cross to get to the other side. Not this time, definitely not today. We arrived at about 4pm and the light was fading fast, leaving a nice pinky glow in the sky. The path was washing away and the stream was moving fast. We were walking in almost knee deep water to reach a decent enough spot to witness this rare event. I took a moment to compose myself and took the moment in. When ready,  took out the camera and set up. I was right on the edge of the path, it was dark and I could not see my feet. I took a step too far out and landed on leg in the stream, IT WAS DEEP! The tripod tippled over the edge but i managed to some how catch it with one hand, still in the water trying to sort myself out, it was scary. I got up and James asked if i was ok. We carried on until the stars came out. What we saw was mesmerizing, knowing we may not see this again in a long time. Or at least hope not.

See as great as the image can be, it has come by by leaving many in a devastating state. As every one is aware,Storm Desmond came and flooded parts of Lake District in Cumbria. This is never a time that any one want to go through. Houses are wrecked, businesses and lives and at risk and everything is lost but the hope that we have left. These people need us who have the ability to help and support them. At times like these we look far and beyond to help the needy, they didn’t ask for this, or choose for this to happen. From my part I will be sending all profits and more to the ones who are in need. This image was created by this cause and its only fair they see the rewards. Please be generous and remember you will be rewarded by having a piece of history on your walls, and remember that you helped rebuild our Lake District, our home.

The image can be purchased from this link, in A3 only and prices to suit you. Lets make them proud by donating as much as Yorkshire and the rest can!

Many thanks for the growing support, much love


All profits will go to Cumbria Flood Appeal.

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