Malham Waterfall

Malham Cove is a wonderful place in Yorkshire. Very popular amongst walkers and sight seers alike. I have been here a few times before to admire Yorkshires great beauty. Behind the cove is where I managed to capture the lightning strikes. We also took images of the tarn. On this occasion we went to photograph the waterfall. Not something you hear about the cove. For the first time in approx 300 years the waterfall had come to life. The height of the waterfall was 80m (260 Ft), making it the single drop waterfall in England. It was spectacular to witness. But it came at a cost. The floods have caused plenty heartache and stress. I’m not going to go into too much detail as it on the home page. I’m doing my part by giving all proceedings from the sales of the image to charity. It will help rebuild peoples lives, so far we have approx £1200, and I wish we can reach £5k. Its not hard, it can be done. As a reward for your kindness you will receive a print only or framed print. The frames are personally hand delivered by myself. This gives me the chance to personally meet you and thank you for your generosity. I have met many people over this weekend and I am now handing this over to them. Please let the rest know in the comments how you feel about the image, and what they can do to help.

Many thanks



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  1. Prabjot
    Prabjot says:

    I absolutely love this image! Amazing photography and an amazing cause. Well done Imran, hope you exceed your target. Keep up the good work!
    P.S. One of the best photographers I’ve worked with without a doubt!

  2. Paul Richards
    Paul Richards says:

    Imran is one of those lucky guys who has natural ability to get the best image out of any camera in any given situation . whether its a top of the line Phase One Xf 3 or a simple one use throw away camera. He just instantly knows how to create a fabulous shot.

  3. Mick
    Mick says:

    This is a stunning picture of a rare event expertly captured. Thanks for the unexpected but welcome personal delivery, what a job!

  4. Kath Caldwell
    Kath Caldwell says:

    Thank you so much for my beautiful photo received today in person – you must have had such a busy weekend doing all those deliveries! What a wonderful idea. I hope all your plans for the future come to fruition.
    Kath, Warrington.

  5. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Hi Imran, Just wanted to say many thanks for dropping our picture off today. It is lovely! We really appreciate you taking the time to deliver it!

  6. Andrew Dean
    Andrew Dean says:


    I came across this image on social media and think its a great idea. There have been kind gestures to help the people, and this is a great means too. Although I am yet to donate myself Id like to say a HUGE thank you for doing this. I’m sure many will agree and help you go beyond your target.

    Dean, Scotland.

  7. Alan
    Alan says:

    I received my frame today and were very delighted by the fact it was delivered by Imran himself. We weren’t sure what he meant by personally delivering them especially all the way in Wales! We finally met and had an interesting conversation over tea. He didn’t stay long as he had other deliveries to make but it did make us feel special and grateful. I hope this man achieves his target and rewards, for one man to tackle this is courage and bravery we rarely see today.

    All the best!

    Alan and Sue, from Wales.

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