We are proud to bring you our new exclusive range of One Light Courses. These courses are designed to teach you how to light any subject with just one light. This will mostly be speedlights with triggers. The first course is the long over due Wedding Light Course. Over the two days we will cover the consultation, what to talk about and what to ask, contract terms and what they really do for you, pre wedding shoot and why they are important, arriving at day one, posing clients at home, going to the hall, organizing staff, editing, see and feel our albums, designing albums and DVDs, colour management, complete effective workflows, backup systems and much more. Plus bonus content revealed on the day. We will have couples to shoot and try the techniques on.

We will go on location near by so long as weather permits.

2 Day Wedding Workshop £250

Date Aug 15th & 16th 2015

Time day 1 : 11am-6pm ( This time allows for better location light in the evening)

Time day 2 : 10-5

(Lunch break 45 mins both days)

A few key areas we will cover :

How to use light and why

To high speed sync or not to HSS

How to cheat HSS for similar effects

Thinking Process – create your own style this way

What settings work best and when

How to pose and relax the couple

How to use lighting tools

The effects of different modifiers (softboxes, umbrellas, stoplights, bareflash, bouce flash, reflector window light)

Flash Power settings

Sync Speed

Aperture settings and effects

Lens effects

Consultations – what to discuss and what to ask


Albums and designs

Day TWO :

Why and how to edit

Complete workflow from creating to saving and storing files

Prepping files for print

How to edit the shots from day one

Create your own editing unique signature

Create and save presets in Lightroom

Work with layers and effects in PS

What You Need :

On the day all we ask is that you have the following :

One speedlight and trigger system

A reflector (any size will do, the 5 in one is usually best)

A softbox with grid or without, and or umbrella (both if possible)

A sturdy stand you trust (we can talk about sandbags on the day)

Your camera system (inc few memory cards)

Any filters you may have

Few lenses to try

Comfortable clothing and footwear as we may go outdoors if weather allows

Day 2 :

Own Laptop if possible, although we can share if need be

Lightroom and Photoshop, as these are the main editing tools we will touch on

Tablet is a bonus although not needed

*We will have light refreshments on the day, although lunch is not included so bring your own or you can order with us.


How to Pay:

This course is offered on a first come first serve basis. To help avoid disappointment we ask that you pay a 50% deposit as soon as you can and the rest of the balance can be paid on the day. This must be done before the course commences, please state this when registering and come early on the day to allow time to process this.


In the order section at the check out please state what camera system and flash you are currently using.