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I have been quiet with photography over the last few years, and this is for good reason. I have always had a passion for photography and teaching became second nature, there is nothing better than seeing a fellow photographer/student do well by something you taught them. I have been teaching in schools and privately for a number of years now so it only felt right that I did this the right way. I have been working on a learning school and now its all ready. I present 'The Royale School of Photography'. This is my child which I hope to grow over the years. Head over to www.rsop.co.uk to learn more.
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For me YouTube is a Godsend, there is so much one can learn if you look for the right content. Sometimes we get lost, and dive deep into the YouTube rabbit hole from which there is no way out. My channel offers simple, easy for follow videos and enough inspiration for the most lost mind. Have a look at my videos, and see if there is something we can learn together!