Beginner Level – 3 Hours – 7 people max – All cameras and brands accepted.
Time : 2pm-5pm

During this second workshop we will generally get you transitioned to manual mode and out of auto mode.

Understanding what exposure means and how to use the exposure triangle is crucial for correctly exposed images.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding what exposure means and how to use and change the variables to control exposure
  • Use the right image format between JPEG and RAW
  • Adjust the white balance
  • Correct the exposure
  • Set the ISO on the camera and understand how and when to change it
  • Set and use aperture priority mode
  • Set and use the shutter speed on the camera and see the difference it makes to the images
  • How to freeze action and subjects
  • How to take images with blurry backgrounds (lens dependant)
  • Master MANUAL MODE
  • Learn to read a histogram

At the end of the workshop, we will off a complete debriefing so you can share your images from the session. This collective review by the photography teacher will ensure that everyone has a good understanding of the workshop, as well as the chance to be inspired by other students’ work.

Key Details

  • A summary of the notions covered in this course will be handed out at the end of each session. A “meeting form” with the exact meeting point will be sent to enrolled participants a few days before class
  • Number of hours for this course – 3 hours
  • The workshop is composed of a theoretical part, practical training and a debriefing.