I am a photographer and videographer based in Dubai. I have recently moved across to Dubai from the UK. I wasn’t always a photographer you know; I was more of an IT geek. I love computers. Building and upgrading them, it’s always fun. I also have another passion, photography. I have been taking photographs for over a decade now. It seems like such a long time, yet there is still is so much to learn and to teach.

This isn’t the part where I tell you that I was given a camera at the age of 12 or that I watched my father unwind and develop films in his darkroom. No, none of that happened to me. I was born and grew up wanting to be a doctor. Would you believe that? Now all I want to do is take pictures of this beautiful place we call home, Earth. I love to capture what nature has to offer. I have also discovered a love for hiking, camping, and mountaineering. Getting up at 2 am to get to the destination for sunrise then the long drive back after capturing an epic sunset. The challenge can be very rewarding. I have taken countless images of beautiful landscapes, but there are many times that I simply like to immerse myself in the moment and enjoy all of the beauty that nature has to offer.

My work was noticed by Microsoft and they contacted me about using my work for a new desktop theme. The downloads for this theme has exceeded 15 million times and is still growing.

The themes can be downloaded directly from Microsoft here, just scroll down to the London theme and install!

I also cover other photography assignments such as weddings, commercial, food, and editorial fashion. I also do one to one and group tutorials. These vary from studio lighting to landscape workshops. From time to time I also do free walks and classes, read the FStop and Nisi sections below for more info. I have also started my YouTube channel, where I am uploading new videos about all things photography, so why not subscribe for news and new videos here. 


Huawei Technologies Co. overtook Apple Inc. to claim the No. 2 spot in smartphones in the first quarter, moving a step closer to its avowed ambition of displacing Samsung at the top of the market. This is the kind of company one has the pleasure of saying we work with. I have been working with Huawei since the launch of the P30 pro, using its amazing camera capabilities and creating content for Huawei. It is something I am very proud of and puts me in a great position to learn and educate more about Mobile Photography.

Mobile Photography

Mobile photography, like conventional DSLR, has always been in my blood. AS they say, the best camera you have is the one with you. And in this day and age who does not have a mobile phone with a form of camera on it.

Huawei cameras are in a different league. They are among if not the best. Teaming up with Leica gives them the best possible position to soon dominate the market. With the mobile phone being easily accessible and the ability to take it anywhere your creativity should not stop there. Check out these images which are taken with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and the newer P30 Pro. A full video about the workflow of these images will be up on my YouTube channel soon.


I have been searching high and low for the best photography and even non photography bag for a long time.  As a casual hiker, someone who loves the outdoors and rugged mountains of Scotland, I need a bag that will be comfortable with a heavy load, expandable and light. I tried so many brands and finally settled on FStop Gear. I first used their now obsolete Satori EXP. the one in the above image and it was instant love. I knew this was the bag I needed. Being able to completely do what you need the bag to do meant i could focus more on my trips and worry less about the gear and the bag. Lightweight, easily transportable, carry on on most airlines, (my experience has been positive), expandable and tough. Tough means durable which means you do as the old saying goes, spend well, spend once. The Satori in the image is about 10 years old. Yes, a decade! I am more than sure it will yet go along way.

Street Crew

So why am I talking so much about FStop Gear, there are many others who make bags. And yes, you are correct, but you don’t fall in love with them all in the first instance, right. Now the best part for me is that they also fell in love with me, and my work. So I am now proud to say that I am on the FStop Street Crew team.

What do we do?

The Street Crew help by supporting the local community at events, workshops, and shows. Last year f-stop supported hundreds of events in almost 100 countries, and we plan to actively grow that number this year and next. The focus in building and supporting the community, not selling a product. The focus is on helping run events in the city where you live! So look out for events in UAE coming in the next few months!

You can see more on FStop Gear here.


I have been fortunate enough to represent Nisi Global for over 2 years now. Being an ambassador means more than receiving free goods, it’s about using them effectively and showing others what they are capable of. Now with the market started to saturate with so many companies making filters, its not everyone’s cup of tea. And as ambassadors, we respect that decision and never try to sell you anything. We always try to be as helpful as we can, and with there being enough talented photographers if we don’t know the answer someone will!

What else do Nisi do?

Nisi produces the highest optical quality photography filters available, together with an ingenious holder system, the Nisi V5, V5 Pro and M1 Mirrorless for M4/3 systems. Nisi is fast becoming one of the Market Leaders through the highest quality engineering, innovative design, and now finding more and more photographers turning to them. The Nisi Pro range of coated optical glass filters include soft and hard graduated together with a reverse graduated filter and ND filters. Ideal for landscape photography they are available in 100mm, 70mm mirrorless, and 150mm sizes.

Where are they available from?

Here in Dubai you can purchase these filters from Advance Media. Click HERE to straight to the Nisi page.

Advanced Media Trading LLC.
No. 409, 4th floor. Al Khaleej Center,
Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE.
P.O.Box: 44156.

Opening Time: Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM


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