Weddings By Imran

At Weddings By Imran, we take great pride in what we do. We make sure you, the client, are more than happy with the end result and any aftercare needed. Our packages come complete with variously sized albums to meet your budget. We cover weddings on a national and international level. Have a look at our gallery, for which our clients have signed us permission to use.

For inquiries, you can email us by clicking here. Please take a look at this Work Request sheet for the information we need to process your request.

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We take great pride in designing our albums, and as a result no two albums are ever the same. Our top two packages include a 12 x 16 inches album, complete with presentation box. The albums and boxes, (yes boxes) can be customized to have full leather, part leather and part glass, full glass and canvas covers. The choices and combinations are literally endless.  The design is 100% down to you, and you have 100% control of the outcome. None of our albums bear our logo or signature or name, its your special day.

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